WordPressWelcome to the online archive for the WordPress and SEO Workshop that was held on October 10 and 11, 2014.

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These videos cover how to install, set up themes, plugins, create content and edit a WordPress site on your own hosted server. Broken into 6 parts with each video covering a part of the the WordPress design process.

When you are finished you should have a working site ready to show to the world.

You can download the full size videos, handouts, and files for the class on the shared Google Drive at: http://goo.gl/yeE2Cf

Download the Beginners Guide to SEO by Jeremy Chua and Notes from the Class:
Beginners Guide to SEO [PDF]
SEO Notes [DOCX]

You can access the YouTube channel by going to: 

A companion PDF handout goes along with the videos:
Introduction to WordPress Workbook by Sean Glumace [PDF]

We have also included two excellent handouts from iThemes.com which will help with your WordPress development and teaching Web Design in the classroom:
Getting Started with WordPress eBook [PDF]
Best Practices for Web Design Instruction eBook [PDF]

Part 01 WordPress.com vs WordPress – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this video from the 10/10 WordPress and SEO Workshop we cover the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and begin the server setup for self hosting a WordPress site.

Part 02 WordPress Settings – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this video we cover the basic settings in WordPress. This includes the writing, reading, general and other settings found under the SETTINGS area.

Part 03 Pages Posts and More – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this video we cover how to create posts, pages, and go over the basics of the formatting tools. We also discuss the settings for posts and pages.

Part 04 Content, Media, and More – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this video we cover the basics of content, using media on pages, and more.

Part 05 Plugins – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this video we go over the basic set of plugins and the settings for each.

Part 06 WordPress SEO, Social Media, and Widgets – WordPress and SEO Workshop

In this final video in the series we will cover the WordPress SEO plugin and how SEO works with WordPress. We also cover the basics of Social Media and finish up with widgets.